Our students come from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, many having left long term positions. Even though we have “recovered” from the recent economic turn-down, it continues on a smaller scale. Many companies, big and small, are downsizing, reducing hours, eliminating positions and restructuring pay scales and job responsibilities. Some must close their doors.

When a recent laid off worker joined our class she had a pretty gloomy picture of her future. Being a long term employee of a family owned business she filled in for others, learning what she needed to learn. She proved herself to be dependable, reliable and trustworthy. She became the “go to” person for the company. When her job ended, so did her self-confidence. She felt she had nothing concrete to offer an employer. Her experience was broad, covering many areas, including accounting. However, she felt she did not have enough experience in any single area that would satisfy current day job experience requirements.

We have all heard the expression “the light went on,” correct? One of the major goals of our staff is to identify the skills and experience that EACH of our students possess. I mentioned that our student had done various
accounting tasks but, she was never able to experience them from beginning to end. During our class the student virtually blossomed and grew right before our eyes. The missing links in her knowledge were exposed. She was
focused, engaged, asking many questions, and striving for understanding. She worked very hard and she SUCCEEDED in finding a job in accounting!

We are all very proud of her accomplishments! She is happy, self-confident, and employed in the accounting profession in a challenging and rewarding position with a bright and hopeful future.

This is our goal for all of our students…to reach their potential and beyond!