atrium_320TAX SERVICES

We work with corporate, non-profit, trust and personal clients to create tax strategies that minimize taxes while working within the constraints of complex IRS tax code and regulations.  We are available year round to discuss strategies and changes in your corporate and personal lives that impact your tax liabilities. Our 1040 clients summarize each year’s activities affecting their taxes in organizers which we provide to them, giving us a way to track important tax-related data and get answers to questions as they relate to the 1040.  Projections for future years are also available upon request.


We are a private vocational school serving the San Gabriel Valley for over 21 years.  We work with laid off workers, unemployed adults, and others who are looking for employment. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn the basics of Accounting, Quickbooks Pro®, Word®, and Excel® in a fast paced format in surroundings that are professional, but casual.  Every company in every industry has an accounting department, so there is always demand.

Classes are kept to a maximum of eight students, creating a healthy active atmosphere of learning where every question is addressed and each student is given personal attention as needed.  In addition to all of that, parking at our location is free for all students!


Employers:  As a school that teaches Computerized Accounting, we have dozens of job candidates who pass through our doors each year.  These are often experienced workers who come to us when their companies move to another state or country or have downsized.  As a vocational school, we make every effort to match our students with employers who have administrative or accounting positions that need to be filled.  We charge no fees for our placements.   We encourage employers to contact us with their staffing needs.  We have the pleasure of working with our participants for a month and we know their strengths and skill sets and can recommend students who will match the positions you share with us.